Volume 1, Number 1 (Spring 2011)

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~ Articles ~

From the “Camera Obscura” to the Computer, or How Does the Image Become an Apparent Indexical Sign
Aurel Teodor Codoban
pages 4-19

Sign and Meaning: A Semiotic Approach to Communication
Codruţa Porcar
pages 20-29

The Gift of Meaning
Livia Georgeta Suciu
pages 30-43

The Relevance of Wittgenstein’s Thought for Philosophical Hermeneutics
Adrian Costache
pages 44-54

Why Does France Need a Linguistic Policy?
Sebastian Flaviu Havaşi
pages 55-69

A Few Uses of Phenomenology within Art History
Cristian Hainic
pages 70-78

The Times of the Crusades
Radu Mureşan
pages 79-89

~ Conferences ~

Philosophy in Totalitarianism: Constantin Noica and the “Păltiniş School”
Cosmin Florian Porcar
pages 90-96

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