Volume 2, Number 1 (spring 2012)

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~ Articles ~

The Extinction of Masculine Generics
Brian D. Earp
pages 4-19

Theatre Translation as Collaboration: A Case in Point in British Contemporary Drama
Andrea Peghinelli
pages 20-30

Gianni Vattimo on Culture, Communication, and the Move from Modernity to Postmodernity
Matthew E. Harris
pages 31-48

Derridean Deconstruction and the Discourses Confronted with the Experience of Singularity: Negative Theology and Radical Phenomenology
Livia G. Suciu
pages 49-67

The Sport-Blogging Community and the Public Sphere: An Israeli Perspective
Yair Galily, Ilan Tamir, Ofer Muchtar
pages 68-87

Rediscovering Culture: The Unexplored Dimension of European Democratic Identity
Dana Irina
pages 88-104

~ Book Reviews ~

The Societal Dimension of Art: On Mara Raţiu’s Art as Social Activity
Cristian Hainic
pages 105-109

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