Volume 3, Number 1 (spring 2013): Comparative Approaches in Philosophy and the Social Sciences

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Editors’ Foreword
Cristian Hainic, Codruţa-Mariana Porcar
page 4

~ Articles ~

Comparative Thinking as a Fundamental Method of Interdisciplinary Research
Hisaki Hashi
pages 5-28

Intersubjectivity and Techno-Science: Jürgen Habermas
Ciprian Bogdan
pages 29-47

“Case 1393”: A Case of Victimization, Unclaimed by either Retributivism or Utilitarianism
Cerasel Cuteanu
pages 48-60

State Institutions and Freedom of Speech in the Republic of Macedonia
Etem Aziri, Zerijeta Jajaga
pages 61-71

Partisanship in the Content and Readership of British Newspapers: Post-War Trends
Salih Bayram
pages 72-87

How to Write a Philosophical Essay
Codruţa Porcar
pages 88-95

~ Book Reviews ~

Books Received
page 96

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