Volume 4, Number 1 (autumn 2015)

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The Dynamics of Organizational Identity from a Ricoeurian Perspective
Ghislain Deslandes
pages 4-25

From Redemptive Truth to Infernal Lie: The Counterfeit Emancipation of Postmodernism
Vlad Mureşan
pages 26-37

Images of Women in Pakruok (Luo Praise Names)
Peres N. Wenje
pages 38-59

The Concept of Mythology in F.W. J. Schelling’s Spätphilosophie
Angela Kun
pages 60-70

Space, Communication and Spatial Violence: Situating the Mechanism of Spatial Exclusion and Inclusion
Naveen Mishra
pages 71-85

On the Exceptional State of Aesthetic Objects in Everyday Aesthetics
Cristian Hainic
pages 86-93

Meaning and Being in Heidegger’s Hermeneutical Ontology
Codruţa Hainic
pages 94-103

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